You’ve made it through to your third trimester and, with some help from FHIT-natal, you’ve been exercising consistently up until this point.

As your bump continues to grow, your energy levels, mobility and comfort levels really begin to decline. The thought of sitting on the couch and waiting for your baby to arrive does feel like a much easier option.

However, it’s best to continue to exercise through your third trimester, it gives you more energy, helps with all your aches and pains and will aid in your recovery after you give birth. Of course, you have to be sensible about it. Go at a nice slow pace and don’t overdo it.

If you listen to your body, you’ll naturally taper off the amount of exercise you do as time goes on. What’s important is to keep moving. If not one of the Trimester three workouts, just a gentle walk around the block.

It’s different for everyone, so you do need to check with your doctor, but it is suggested to maintain some form of exercise right through your pregnancy as much as possible.

My pregnant belly was all out in front of me, so it really did make me feel quite unstable at times. It certainly wasn’t a good idea to walk too quickly down a steep hill!

So, don’t necessarily set out to taper off from exercise but just adjust accordingly with how you and your body are feeling AND most importantly do it safely.