The second trimester starts from week 14 and goes through to week 27 of your pregnancy.
A lot of women find the second trimester more comfortable than the first with many saying it’s the most comfortable trimester of the three.
Your morning sickness should have gone by now, so you’ll hopefully be able to stomach different foods and smells again. Your energy levels have increased and you should be starting to feel a bit more like your normal self, with an added baby bump which will be becoming more noticeable every week. Your breasts may be fuller, but they’ll be less tender as well.
But your body is still changing, so you may experience heart burn and constipation and, because  the levels of pregnancy hormones are increasing, some women report nasal congestion, sensitive gums, leg cramps, swelling of the ankles and feet and some dizziness.
Make sure you always communicate how you’re feeling with your doctor, They’ll be able to reassure you that what you’re feeling is totally normal, or do some extra tests to give you peace of mind.
Somewhere during the 18 – 22-week mark you’ll schedule in for a level two ultrasound, which will measure the baby and check its developing organs and the amount of amniotic fluid. This is also the time where you can find out the gender.
Simon couldn’t be at this appointment so we had the doctor put the gender in an envelope to keep it a surprise until we could find out together later.
During this trimester, at around the 24-week mark, you’ll also do a glucose screening which checks for gestational diabetes. The liquid you have to drink is really sweet and you’ll find that your baby moves around a lot once you drink it, but it’s not too bad, it just takes a couple of hours. You have to fast before you do this and can only have sips of water, so I made sure I did it first thing in the morning, so I didn’t have to go for too long in the day without food.
Enjoy the second trimester and the hiccups and kicks you’re starting to feel from your growing baby!