Should I or shouldn’t I drink alcohol during pregnancy?

The short answer is there is no safe level of alcohol during pregnancy. The main reason for this is that every woman and unborn baby is different. This means there’s no way of knowing how alcohol will affect your unborn baby.

When you drink whilst pregnant, the alcohol passes through your blood into the placenta and it’s possible that a baby can receive the same concentration of alcohol as you do.

There is evidence now to suggest that even low levels of alcohol can have long term negative effects on your baby. It’s even suggested that’s it’s best not to drink alcohol while trying to conceive.

This does mean that it can be a little tricky when you’re out with friends and they notice that you’re not drinking. Soon after I fell pregnant, Simon and I had a weekend away with friends and it was a bit of a juggle trying to disguise the fact that we were pregnant as I wasn’t drinking. I’m not a big drinker anyway, but you become overly sensitive thinking that people are noticing that you’re not drinking. We thought we did a pretty good job disguising it until we told our friends weeks later that we were pregnant and they all said, ‘we knew it’!

I did read something on the internet though that said that it’s fine to drink alcohol while you are pregnant as long as it’s expensive alcohol. Oh dear. Might give that advice a miss, I think!

So best advice to give is to stay away from alcohol knowing you are doing the right thing by you and your unborn child.