No one really seems to know why women have food cravings during pregnancy.

There’s an assumption that it’s the changes in hormones or that maybe it’s your body telling you it needs certain vitamins and minerals. Funny though, I’m not sure how many vitamins and minerals I got from a litre tub of ice cream, haha!

Saying that though, I did find that I was craving salads and red meat at certain stages of my pregnancy. I then found out my iron levels were low, so my body must have been telling me something! Although that doesn’t explain the salt and vinegar chips or soda water that I couldn’t get enough of for two weeks!

Cravings certainly do come and go though, because after those two weeks, I never even thought about salt and vinegar chips! (Until now that is, I’m going to have to see if Simon can go to the shops for me.)

As well as cravings you might have also noticed the opposite with certain food i.e. food aversions. A food you were loving a week ago could all of a sudden make you want to be sick, just at the thought of it. Again, no one really knows why but with both cravings and aversions it’s best just to go with the flow.

If you’re craving sugary or fatty foods, make sure you satisfy the craving but keep in mind your portions and try keep these sorts of foods to a minimum. Just make sure you’re stocked up with healthy alternatives in the cupboard, so you can balance things out a bit.

Eat regular meals so you never get too hungry and it’s probably best not to do the shopping while you are overly hungry or having cravings. Otherwise who knows what will end up in your basket!

Like all these things moderation is the key. Eat a healthy balanced diet and satisfy your cravings as best you can.

I’d love to hear about all of your weird and wonderful cravings so please do share them with me on Instagram and Facebook and of course with your fellow FHIT-natal Mummas in the Facebook Community Group