Regularly exercising during pregnancy can really help prepare your body for childbirth, and help with your recovery after you have given birth too.

What’s important is making sure you do a whole range of exercises that work all major muscle groups but with a strong emphasis on core and pelvic floor exercises. I know every pregnancy is different, so it goes without saying to talk to you doctor about what exercises are right for you and make sure you never workout to high levels of fatigue or exhaustion.

The aim is to be consistent throughout you pregnancy, at a level that works for you and your ever-growing bump! Your body is constantly changing and so will the way you train and the level of intensity that you can train at. Remember any exercise is good exercise and somedays will be easier than others. Learn how to listen to your body and if you’re really not feeling up to it, take a rest day.

It’s also really important to stay hydrated, so drink plenty of water. Don’t let your body temperature get too hot and stop at the first signs of discomfort or dizziness.

My FHIT-natal program gives you a variety of cardio, resistance, core, mobility, upper and lower body workouts for your entire pregnancy journey. The workouts change with you. You can follow the program set out for you, or just choose your favourite workout at any time. Better still, you won’t need any equipment and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

There are SO many physical benefits when exercising during pregnancy not to mention the impact on your mental health as well!

So, take it at your own pace and do what’s right for you and marvel at what your body is achieving and enjoy your pregnancy journey.

**Make sure you consult a medical professional before starting any exercise during pregnancy.

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