The effect of exercise on fertility and your quality of life.

Regular exercise is to be encouraged generally in our day to day lives but it seems there’s no more important time than when wanting to fall pregnant.
If you’re not someone who trains regularly that doesn’t mean that all of a sudden you should get out there and start exercising seven days a week, but it is a chance for you to introduce some exercise into your daily life.
Moderate regular exercise can help you maintain your weight and even help you lose weight which, in turn can improve your overall health and fertility. It can also increase the frequency of ovulation and help you achieve a more regular menstrual cycle. So start off slowly with some walking or some form of low intensity exercise that you can build up over time.
If you’re someone like me who trains at high levels of intensity, it’s time to adjust your training a little. You can continue to exercise regularly but just do it at lower levels of intensity.
This is the very reason why I created The Foundations Program as part of FHIT by Lauren Hannaford and the FHIT-natal programs too. These programs are designed to keep you active so you feel like you’re getting in a good workout and nurturing your body at the same time without pushing yourself to levels of exhaustion.
Of course, there can be many reasons why you might be finding it difficult to fall pregnant but exercising and focussing on a healthy lifestyle is something you can do yourself and something you can start straight away.
Regular exercise not only helps with our physical health, it helps with our mental health as well. I found this so important, particularly when trying to fall pregnant as exercise not only helps reduce levels of stress and anxiety it can also improve self-esteem.
For men, studies have shown that regular exercise can also improve sperm quality so get your partner involved in your healthy habits too!
Regular exercise will improve your overall health both physically and mentally which can have a positive effect when trying to fall pregnant. So, get out and get moving and enjoy all the incredible health benefits that regular exercise will give you!
*Make sure you consult a medical professional before you start any exercise program.