Olive oil
Olive oil spray
Soy sauce, salt reduced or Tamari fish sauce
Sesame oil
Dijon mustard
Brown sugar or Palm sugar


750g Traditional rolled oats
1 x Loaf soy & linseed
1 x Packet wholegrain wraps
1 x Packet vermicelli noodles
1 x Packet original corn thins
Nuts & seeds
Chia seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Nut butter (no salt or sugar)
Sesame seeds

Fruit & Vegetables

200g Baby spinach
2 x Avocado
4 x Apples
1 kg Carrots
1 x Bunch spring onions
1 x Tomato
3 x Lemons
2 x Limes
2 x Bunches broccolini
250g Cauliflower, fresh or frozen
1 x Large purple sweet potato
250g Green beans
150g Snow peas
400g Button mushrooms
1 x Bunch bok choy
4 x Chat / cocktail potatoes (approx. 300g)
2 x Punnets cherry tomatoes
1 x Baby cos lettuce
1 x Red onion
1 x Head of broccoli
1 x Red capsicum
2 x Zucchinis
150g Cauliflower rice or 1 x small cauliflower
1 x Telegraph cucumber
Bean sprouts
1 x Iceberg lettuce
500g Frozen berries


1 x Bunch mint
1 x Bunch flat leaf parsley
1 x Packet long red chilis (optional)
1 x Large knob Ginger (or jar of crushed ginger)
2 x Bulbs Garlic

Meat / Meat Alternatives

200g Smoked salmon
250g Pork mince (can swap for turkey or chicken)
12 x Eggs
2 x 140g Salmon fillets
300g Lamb fillet
300g Firm tofu
1 x 200g Fresh tuna fillet
250g Chicken thigh fillets
350g Beef stir fry strips

Dairy / Chilled

1L Milk
250g Cheddar cheese slices yoghurt
100g Parmesan cheese


Kalamata olives
Water chestnuts
Cacao miso paste