Your bump is starting to show, and you’ll be able to see the changes that are happening to your body, how exciting!

If you struggled with morning sickness during your first trimester hopefully it’s passed and you’re feeling a bit more energised. This tends to happen during the second trimester because of an increase in blood flow which means more oxygen to the muscles and more energy, yay.

This doesn’t mean you should start training for hours every day but it may mean that you will find exercise a little easier than in your first trimester. Oh how I wish that was the case for me! I was feeling sluggish and tired, so I went to see my doctor, had some blood tests and found out that my iron levels had dropped considerably. It was such a good reminder not just to push through and if you’re unsure of anything or not feeling quite right, make sure you check in with your doctor.

Ok, back to exercise!

During your second trimester it’s important not to spend too much time on your back, as it decreases blood flow to the heart which can lead to low blood pressure. It’s also a good time to start focussing on your pelvic floor and core exercises to help with recovery after pregnancy. You’ll find these exercises in the FHIT-natal second trimester workouts.

These FHIT-natal workouts have been designed for you to be able to push yourself safely through the workouts during your second trimester or take it back a bit and do the modified versions, depending on how you are feeling that day. My sister in law Kyra (who was pregnant at the same stage as me) features in some of the workouts to show the modified versions of the exercises.

You’ll need to gauge how you are feeling throughout your pregnancy but as the second trimester continues you may want to decrease the levels of impact and intensity during the workouts. You should never reach levels of exhaustion and fatigue.

The second trimester is a great time to get into a regular exercise routine. You can workout consistently by either following the program or just choose the workouts you like at any time and enjoy the extra energy you may be feeling.

*Make sure you consult a medical professional before you start any exercise program.