Morning sickness can make exercise challenging during your first trimester, so it’s important to listen to your body and check with your doctor about what is safe for you and your baby.

If you can work through the morning sickness and have moments when you’re feeling ok, then exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind, so give one of the FHIT-natal workouts a go.

You can continue to train at similar levels that you were before you fell pregnant but it may be necessary to reduce the impact and the level of exertion. This is mainly because of the excess blood flow pumping through your body during early pregnancy, which can potentially make you feel dizzy and lightheaded.

Exercise will benefit you and your growing baby but just continue to monitor how you feel and enjoy exercise when you can.

I was fortunate enough not to have any morning sickness during my first trimester, but one thing I did notice was how short of breath I would get and how much quicker that would be than normal. I adjusted my training and was just thankful that I could carry on training when I felt up to it.

The first trimester workouts at FHIT-natal give you a great balance of cardio, resistance, core and mobility. They’ll get your heart rate up, focus on areas that will help you during your pregnancy and also with your recovery after giving birth. It’s important that you stay active and keep moving throughout your pregnancy journey and so, you can follow the weekly program set out for you or pick from any of the first trimester workouts at any time, depending on how you feel.